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Unique Airport facilities

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Waiting at an airport isn’t always fun. Nowadays most airports offer WIFI, massage chairs or other facilities that make waiting less annoying. There are airports that take it even further, you can go to a butterfly garden, dentist or get married while waiting for your flight.


Gardens, Singapore Changi International Airport


Singapore Changi International Airport offers something special for their waiting visitors; gardens! In different terminals you will find a Cactus Garden, Enchanted Garden, Orchid Garden and Koi Pond, Sunflower Garden and a Butterfly Garden. Here you can relax and enjoy the nature while waiting for your plane.


Dentist, São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport


At São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport you can go to the dentist. They serve all the companies at the airport as well as passengers with urgent care. You can bleach you teeth, get braces, wisdom teeth surgery, root canal treatment and much more. Have your treatment while waiting for your plane!


Get Married, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Getting married but you don’t have a location yet? Have your wedding at Schiphol! Walk down the aisle, say yes and get on the plane to your favorite destination for an amazing honeymoon, you can even take your family and friends. Together with the help of a wedding-planner your day will be amazing!


Dinosaurs, Toronto Pearson International Airport

dino, toronto

While waiting at Toronto Pearson International Airport you can go back to the time of the dinosaurs. The Royal Ontario Museum placed two dinosaurs in Terminal 1, open for the crowd to see. You will see an Allosaurus bearing down on an Othnielia that has fallen to the ground. Don’t miss it!