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The ultimate North Pole tours

By 28 september 2018No Comments


Have you always wanted to stand at the Geographic North Pole but never knew if this was possible? It actually is! There are various trips you could make to the North Pole!


One of the possible trips is skiing to the North Pole. This is an intense trip for which you need to train in advance. You will live for about a week in a cold, white beautiful appearance of the North Pole. For 7-10 days you will have to ski 14km per day (not including ice drift) towards the North Pole with a lot of breaks of course so you still can enjoy the unique flawlessness. Afterwards you’ll fly back with a helicopter. Real die hards can also go on a full-blown expedition which will last for 3 weeks! When you arrive at the North Pole you van make a 2 minutes phone call with the satellite telephone.


If you don’t want to be so active but do want to go to the North Pole, you can also choose for the more luxurious option. You will spend 1 night at Barneo Ice Camp and will fly by helicopter to the North Pole where you remain 2 hours. Here you can have a special photo moment, and drink a glass of champagne. Next day shall be filled with local activities and tours near by the ice camp.