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The new travel experience

By 9 oktober 2013No Comments

Already tried everything in the world and you don’t know what to do? Try space travel. Become one of the few who have ever escaped the earth just for that one unique experience. An experience that was only affordable for the elite.

This experience can be yours if you can afford the seat. Virgin galactic is your choice for the space voyage. Although there are more companies who are developing space journeys, Virgin Galactic is currently in advanced stages of flight testing. 500 people have already booked their flight with Virgin Galactic. Space tourism should bring in between $600 million and $1.6 billion in revenue in the first ten years.


The owner and founder of has expanded his business with Virgin Galactic primarily to accomplish his dream. Because the founder is very rich he didn’t established the company with the intention to generate revenue.

Personally I think the opportunity of going outer space is great, but only accomplishable by the ultra rich amongst us. With the entry price of 250.000 dollars a trip to space is a lot more than even a global trip visiting every country. With this boarding price, however,  you get a good run for your money considering that the first space tourists had to pay around 30 million dollar.


So what do you get for your quarter million ticket?

You will have a training including parabolic flights and g-force simulators, you will visit the factories and the space station, you will have a briefing at Mr. Branson’s private island and you will visit your spaceport in Mexico.

If I could miss the money I would sign up for this program, because it is a life changing experience which is not meant for the average human being. Becoming an astronaut, just for that one single moment, would be utterly amazing for everybody.