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Something else than your ordinary meeting room

By 21 februari 2017No Comments

Are you tired of the standard meeting room where you have to come together with your colleagues to speak about business? We, from Business Booking International had the same thought and that is why we have compiled a list with some quite unique locations within the Netherlands that will inspire you. Check out the list below and get motivated for your next meeting!

M22 exclusive meetings

Near Rotterdam outside
of the centre you can find a historical residential mill, which is a unique location to do your business meetings in a complete oasis of rest andprivacy. The facility has one big exclusive meeting room with a maximum capacity of 16 persons. The meeting room has all the modernggg facilities needed for a business meeting like Wi-Fi, computers and a flipchart. During the meeting coffeeis included and a lunch is available on request. It is possible to do the lunch outside by nice weather or to do a picnic in the orchard next to the water. Include a sportive eleme
nt to your business meeting and make use of the canoes and explore the “Binnenmaas”!      

Location: Mijnsheerenland, South-Holland



Take your meeting to a higher level and hire the location Kaban! A luxurious tree house located in Heeze, which is quite unique within the Netherlands. The location is great for a meeting, a private conference in the nature or for an inspiring training in the forest. Kaban is located in the top of the trees and offers a magnificent view of the trees and the surrounding estate. It is a quiet area where you only hear the birds twittering and with a bit of luck you will spot a deer or some other wildlife.
Kaban has one decorated meeting room and two small break-out rooms on the corners of the big terrace. The maximum capacity of the meeting room is 14 persons. For special events like a reception or informal meeting the terrace is available for groups to 70 persons.

Turn your meeting in a unique experience and add a teambuilding activity! Various activities are offered like teambuilding with dogs or a workshop with a didgeridoo. Ask us for more teambuilding activities!

Location: Heeze, North-Brabant


The Island of BeingKnipsel2

Under the smoke of Rotterdam is a unique island, an oasis of rest in a busy society called Vidaa. Across the island are various locations and each one has its own authentic character. For example the “Mongoolse Ger” which is located in the centre of the Island and can only be reached by the ferry or the bridge. Another unique location on the island is “Puraa Vidaa” which is located next to the water and is highly suitable for meetings, business presentations or celebrations and big events.

The island gives a positive contribution to your meeting, because you can take a walk during the break or do a short meditation and go back in the meeting full with energy. The food offered in the restaurant is focused on sustainability, they only use fresh and seasonal ingredients that are mostly organic for the dishes. Besides that, the dishes are based on the Blue Zones, five places around the world where people live the longest in good health.

Location: Bergschenhoek, South-Holland
Solbeach is a trendy beach pavilion located in Scheveningen nearby The Hague. The place is ideal for a meeting, training or presentation, because it is located in a quiet area near the beach. The location has an exclusive meeting room inside or you can do the meeting on the veranda while you enjoy the sea view. During your break you can walk around and enjoy the beach. If you would like a lunch, dinner or barbecue Solbeach can provide it for you upon request.

Do you want something different? Hire one of the two beach pavilions from Solbeach to gain optimal privacy for your meeting. Or add a workshop to your meeting for teambuilding purposes, like making tapas.

Location: Scheveningen, South-Holland


Meet out-of-the-boxKnipsel456
Meet on a unique location in the heart of Brabant at the dairy farm of Berlicum. What makes this location unique is that it is the only dairy farm with camels in the Netherlands! The farm has one meeting room which differs from the standard meeting room, with a capacity of 30 persons. When you are inside you will experience Egypt. Feel the sand on your toes and enjoy the sight of palm trees! If you are with a big group from 40 to 120 persons the farm has another meeting area which can be arranged perfectly to your wishes.

Knipsel159The location is perfect for a brainstorm or inspiration session, because the best ideas will come forward in a unique and different location. The farm offers a standard 8 hours meeting arrangement which is including an excursion or safari with camels. Not only a lot of fun but also great for teambuilding!

Location: Berlicum, North-Brabant