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Prestige Hotels of the World

By 5 december 2013No Comments

In the world of tourism everything depends on supply and demand. Supply and demand are the factors that you should control. The only way to get some grip is control through marketing. Whether people are interested in your product or not, marketing is a factor that plays a role 24/7. Making the market aware of the excellence of your product is part of a marketing strategy. Business Booking International was in charge of this strategy for a couple of days with Prestige Hotels Of The World.

Day 1

business-hotelsIt was Thursday the 28th of November, the first day of this exciting event. Considering we had planned this day weeks in advance we were very well prepared. After we had picked up our private bus, Roald Schouten, CEO of Business Booking International and former driver in passenger transport,  picked up the guests in question. These guests, mostly from Spain with the exception of Morocco, were heading for the office with their personal driver, to be welcomed by Joerie and me. We had set up the meeting room to make the guests feel as comfortable as possible during their attempt to expend their business market.  The office was decorated with flora and banners to create the perfect meeting harmony. After the décor was set. We had a glimpse outside and we noticed that our guests had arrived. We introduced ourselves and escorted the group to the meeting room where they were waiting for their first appointment, with us. We were sitting in front of 4 individuals, who all were representing a hotel of the Prestige hotel of the world group. The represented hotels were:

They all presented their product and we had a good idea of features and facilities in their hotels. After that, we continued with the next appointments which partly were outside and here in our meeting room.

Day 2

The next day, the 29th of November, all the meetings were inside our building to  make the meetings as efficient as possible. During these meetings the group was provided with food and beverage to complete the guests stay.  Roald and the hotel representatives finished the day with a nice Italian Panini, following with the transfer to their hotel.

During the presentations we saw all the fantastic features of each hotel.

The Agnes de Ibiza with its stylish way of using solar panels as balcony screen, to meet style with green efficiency with this as perfect example. We think it’s very innovative that they generate almost all the energy that they consume. Besides, in our article about environmental responsibility you find some other examples of this type of strategy.


The Della Rosa hotel in Marrakech uses the perfect harmony of design with a little touch of the Moroccan architecture to remain something special.


The Ayre Hotel Oviedo with its perfect location with great facilities in the surroundings, something interesting when staying here.


Last but not least the Pacha hotel in Ibiza, the hotel, famous for having the best club of the world in its brand, does also very well in the world of hotels.


I think all the hotels that were presented had all very strong points and were creating enthusiasm with the listeners. These were all hotels I would stay in or I would recommend to others.