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Must bring items for your next trip

By 13 juni 2019No Comments

Travelling is one of the best things in life and you don’t even need to bring 4 suitcases along to make sure you have a wonderful time. There are just a few items which are essential to take with you on your journey like your travel documents, a phone and some money. However, there are so many items which can make your travels so much more at ease and relaxed. Here are some must have items to take with you on your next journey.


A travel charger with multiple USB ports

You can never bring along to much chargers when traveling, right? You need to charge your smartphone, tablet, Go Pro and what not. Thanks to this item you will never go empty batteried!


Trace me Luggage Tracker

Every hour of every day more than 3000 bags get lost at the airport. Make sure this will never happen to you with the Trace me Luggage Tracker. Your Trace Me Luggage Tracker is linked & interfaced with the worldwide airline baggage tracing system WorldTracer. It is fully compatible with the equipment & IT-systems already available at all airports.



Powerbank with min. 10.000mAh

While on vacation you always have to little power. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to take the perfect picture or having to make an important phone call and finding out that your devices are dead. But never again will this happen when you have a power bank with 10.000mAh with you.



Feel like Sleeping Beauty during your flight or ride with the NodPod. A NodPod is like a hammock for your face, you hang it from the headrest and you let your head hang in there. So no more waking up with pain in your neck and no more uncomfortable situations were you wake up on the shoulder on the guy next to you.



Universal wall outlet with USB


Once arrived at your destination you notice they don’t even have a ‘ normal’ socket like the one at home. And you don’t even have to travel far to encounter this situation. That’s why a universal wall outlet is definitely a must bring-a-long item for your travels.


H2GO – foldable water bottle

You know you have to drink a ton of water every day but you don’t always want to drag a big water bottle along with you. Here’s the perfect solution, from now on you pick the size of your drinking bottle! The H2GO is a foldable bottle you can expand to 500 ml or minimize to 250 ml. Very useful!



Waterproof Traveldocuments Bag

You like to store your documents in a little case so you can keep everything together in one place? And you also want to protect your documents from dirt and water? This waterproof document case from Cocoon is the perfect item! The superstrong zipper ase is large enough to store all your important documents. You could also use it to store your phone or tablet.