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Miracles of nature

There are many phenomena that look impossible to understand but have a very logic explanation. These phenomena colour the sky green or red or create what looks like multiple suns. This is beautiful to see and extraordinary to experience.


Volcanic lightning


Volcanic lightning is a beautiful phenomenon.  It is caused by the positive particles let out by the erupting volcano colliding with the negative particles in the sky. This results in lightning around the erupting volcano. In 2010 this happened with volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland.


Northern lights

Northern Lights

Aurora borealis is on the to-see list of many. It is caused by the collision of solar wind and magnetospheric charged particles with the high altitude atmosphere. It is seen in the northern latitudes in beautiful green and sometimes red colours.


Sun dog


A sun dog, also known as phantom sun, is a phenomenon that creates bright lights in the sky. Normally a ring or halo around the sun, when the sun is low. This is created by ice crystals in the air reflecting the light of the sun. These ice crystals sink through the air, hence the reason this is seen when the sun is low.




A supercell, also known as ‘’Rotating Thunderstorm’’, is a thunderstorm with a mesocyclone; a deep rotating updraft. They mainly exist in the Great Planes on the USA. A supercell is less common but often more severe than a normal thunderstorm.