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Take a moment of rest..

Working, shopping, cooking and bringing the children to bed in no time. For relaxation, there is often very little time left. The solution: spread a number of fixed relaxation moments throughout the day. Below some tips to take this moments of rest.

1. Morning meditation
You can, of course, jump straight out of bed when the alarm goes off and throw yourself in the rush of the day, but then the chances are pretty good that you are hanging out of your desk exhausted by twelve o’clock. A good way to start the day relaxed is a short meditation. Meditation stimulates relaxation, reduces stress hormones and improves concentration, says Eric Harrison, director of the Perth Meditation Center in Australia.

2. Move during work
Whoever relaxes can concentrate better and is therefore more productive. If you have a brainfog at your desk around twelve o’clock, do some stretching exercises. By moving you make endorphins, which ensures relaxation. Do you consult with a colleague on the seventh floor? Then take the stairs.

3. Do not forget to laugh
Make your colleagues laugh when you put on your coat or meet friends you can laugh with. One minute of laughter produces as much endorphin as ten minutes of training, according to a study by Stanford University.

4. Evening walk
Making an evening walk of half an hour before or after dinner is also a good way to relax. Heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension go down when walking in nature, according to the American doctor and professor Mike Evans, who is involved in innovative health. The oxygen and sunlight (vitamin D) also ensure a good mood.

5. Read a book
Watching TV takes no effort, but because of the light of the screen, your body thinks it’s still day and it stays awake. As a result, according to neurologist Iris Knottnerus, you do not make enough of the sleep hormone melatonin. You should rather read a book in bed and let yourself slip into a deep sleep. A good sleep is one of the best ways to relax.


Source: Prominent, designed to relax

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