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Newsletter September

Hotel of the month

Htel Serviced Apartments, one of the largest short-stay providers in the Netherlands, is introducing new types of apartments in Amsterdam with living areas of no less than 300 square meters. With these new apartments, Htel wants to appeal to the higher end of the corporate market, but also to expats and families, with or without pets.


The six new apartments have four bedrooms and three bathrooms. In addition, they offer modern amenities such as home automation. The inviting apartments allow you to feel at home and to unwind immediately. The modern and calm interior is especially designed for this, using many natural details and materials, such as bark and leather. On the other hand, this is also the type of apartment to which you can welcome guests comfortably and confidently. Interested? Feel free to make an appointment. The Htel team will be delighted to show you around.


We look forward to welcome you in Htel Serviced Apartments Amsterdam.

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Business travel spending is expected to grow in Europe

Despite the worries about terrorism and the uncertainty about the future of the European Union, business travel spending is growing.

According to a report out Wednesday from the Global Business travel Association, certain projections call to increase 6.3% this year to more than $211 Billion for business travel spending in Europe. The business travel spending is to increase with 6.8% next year to $225.6 Billion.


The report concerns Germany, The UK, France, Italy, and Spain, which compose 70 percent of the business travel market in western Europe. Germany and The United Kingdom shall make the biggest growth. On the other hand, France and Italy are expected to possess the lowest gains.

“What’s most impressive about these results is that Europe has faced a seemingly endless array of challenges recently,” Catherine McGavock said. Several examples of those challenges are: the terrorist attacks in the capitals of European countries including Paris and Brussels, the debt crisis in Greece, the stream of Syrian refugees and the ‘Brexit’.

McGavock said that not only has the European business travel market endured these challenges but thrived by growing faster than many other business travel markets in the world last year.

Winter sport edition next month!

In the month October there will be a winter sport edition. So be there next month for a newsletter with a taste winter sport!

Oktoberfest München 2016

Since Saturday 17 September people all over Europe come to München to celebrate Oktoberfest. This year marks the 183rd Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest will take 17 days until 3 October this year and it draws in more than six million people a year. Oktoberfest München is the biggest beer party and a German fall festival in the world that celebrates Europeans favourite things: food and beer.


It is an important part of the Bavarian culture since 1810.A lot of other cities around the world including in the United States hold Oktoberfest but they are modelled after the original in Munich. No matter where it takes place, all have 3 common staples: lively music, delicious food and big pints of beer.


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