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Hotel hygiene

By 2 oktober 2013No Comments

Why is hygiene so important in hotels?

hotel-lobby-cleanToday we discuss the hygiene in hotels. Why is it so important for the guests that the hotel they are staying in is entirely clean?

Let us start with an example. If you would have three different strangers sleep in your bed over the period of two weeks, you would probably feel uncomfortable sleeping there. You would feel urged to at least wash all the linen and you still might not be satisfied. Those people slept, sweated and done maybe even more in your bed, which makes it natural for you to feel slightly disgusted when you would go to bed. Then how come we do not even think about this when we are in a hotel?

Thousands of people slept in a hotel bed before you sleep there. When we enter a hotel, we expect it to look proper. From the reception to your room, everything has to be clean. Because of our expectations, we tend to notice dirt relatively quick in a hotel. If the lobby looks messy, not only would it be less comfortable in there, but it would make people reconsider their rooms hygiene as well.

Hotel-Cleaning-TrollyThis is the main reason for most hotels to spend a lot of time and money cleaning and tidying everything up. In the past decade we noticed that most renovated rooms are easier to clean because of the floor. Regular carpet made way for laminate and other easy-to-clean carpeting.

Guests are willing to pay big money for a nice room, so it is supposed to be as clean as can be. If it is not, there will be complaints and this would be crucial to the image of the hotel. Especially four and five star hotels look ridiculously clean and shiny when you enter. We unconsciously notice this right away, which makes us doubt the cleanliness in general much less.

The conclusion of this article would be that it is incredibly important for hotel owners to invest in the cleanliness of the hotel. If they would stop doing that, guests will stop coming to their hotels.