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Five handy tricks for travellers

You already have chosen your destination, the only thing you need are airline tickets and a place to stay. But where do you start and can you find the best deal? We will share you some handy tricks which can help you with finding better priced airline tickets and luxury holidays for a reasonable price.

This week we have handy tips which can make booking your holiday or business trip more fun.


1. Book your flight 171 days before departure

A research of Expedia has shown that 171 days before departure is the best moment to book low-priced tickets. Do not wait a month before departure because you will miss a big advantage.


2. Search Incognito

Use the Ctrl + shift + N combination on your keyboard to find the incognito modus of your internet browser. You will visit the website anonymous so they cannot register your cookies and data. Cookies register your surf behaviour and can influence airline ticket prices.



3. Fast through the airport counters

The best way to avoid rush at counters is to choose the most left queue at the airport counter. Because most of people are right-handed and choose automatically for the right queue.


 4. Book to single tickets

It does not sound logic but is cheaper two book two single tickets instead of a retour ticket. Book a ticket to your chosen destination with one airliner and the return ticket with another. Especially, for destinations like Paris, Barcelona or London et cetera because many airliners uses these airports. With this trick you have a double advantage, you can fly at the time you prefer.


5. Book your ticket around Tuesday midnight

The best moment to book an airline ticket is around Tuesday midnight, research has shown that you can save about 6% of your ticket price. Usually tickets are less expensive at the beginning of the week because most people book there holidays during the weekend.

And of course you can also contact Business Booking International for all your specific needs and wishes.