Business Booking International has agreements with hotels which make sure that even during busy days we can help you find a hotel room within your budget.

We arrange everything with you in regard to your corporate event, even abroad. Business Booking International takes care of all the aspects from restaurants and clubs to meeting spaces and accommodation.

Business Booking International arranges all of you travel related products. For example, hotels, transfers, meeting spaces, restaurants, flight tickets, car rental etc.

Business Booking International is always available, even in the weekends.

You can always reach us per mail or via telephone, or you can contact us through our webpage.

The market knowledge of Business Booking International is very broad. Our specialists are therefore perfectly capable of finding a hotel and other travel related products abroad that will suit your needs and wishes.

Business Booking International is there to relieve you from the stress caused by the booking process. Business Booking International will make sure you will get the best rates and locations.

The earnings of Business Booking International are coming from commission payments of the suppliers for booking their product, such as hotels. These commission payments ensure that the services could be offered free of charge.


You can pay with bank statement, credit card (in some cases), or by direct debit.

For an individual hotel booking you will receive the quotation within an hour. For group and meeting bookings you will receive the quotation within 24 hours.

Business Booking International follows the cancelation policy indicated by the hotel, congress accommodation, airline etc. Often these policies are conform the Uniform Hotel Terms.

As soon as the booking is made you will receive a written confirmation via mail.

A ticket can be hold in option from two till seven days, depending on the time of the year.