From the 25th of May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. The GDPR replaces the Personal Data Protection Act.

As a result of this change, Business Booking International has tightened the privacy statement in order to guarantee your rights and obligations at all times.

  • Nothing changes the way the data is collected, and the personal data is not used for other purposes
  • Business Booking International explains more specifically how the data is collected, how long this data will be stored and what your rights are regarding your own data
  • Business Booking International offers more clarity about the legal bases on which the collection of data is based and the obligations we have regarding your data

Data Protection Statement

I hereby state that I am fully informed about the fact that Business Booking International (“BBI”) is the travel agency of the company (as mentioned below) of which I am an employee/employer or sub-contractor. I acknowledge that BBI gathers, processes and secures any data that is either provided or gathered from BBI to ensure the necessary travel arrangements can be made. Only data that is necessary in order to make these travel arrangements will be gathered for my business travel arrangements.

BBI relies on the bases of the user’s consent and the execution of an agreement.
This data includes my name, gender, e-mail address and a mobile phone number. Other data such as nationality, passport number, passport expiration date and place of birth will be gathered. In addition, BBI is fully informed about travel preferences regarding flights, car rentals and hotels. And to finalize, BBI has knowledge of my business credentials, credit card data (if needed), travel destinations, travel plans and travel profile (including preferences regarding seating, accommodation and meals).


I hereby explicitly grant permission to BBI to gather travel data to use and process, both within and outside of the European Union, in understanding that such data will only be used for travel purposes. The personal data gathered will be discarded once they are no longer needed for travel arrangements and travel plans. This will happen when a) the intended goal for the gathering of such data is no longer valid; b) the person of which the data is gathered is deceased; c) the collaboration with the travel agency has ended; d) the contract of the person of which the data is gathered has been terminated, or e) legal obligations that requires us to discard this data.

I hereby grant permission to BBI to share travel data with a) several travel agencies (such as airlines, hotels and car rental services) with the help of automated booking systems, with the intend of making travel arrangements; b) the business upon request regarding my business travels to gather data for managerial reports ( to group travel data in order to recap and analyze travel behavior and to govern the travel policies of the business); c) third parties (within my country of residence or in other countries both within and outside of the European Union) with the intend of making travel arrangements, to group travel data in order to recap and analyze travel behavior, to claim payments as a result of booking made by BBI or to reviews BBI services (if requested by the company); d) the BBI databases.


I am aware that BBI does not make use of automated decision making and/or profiling.

My agreement is based on the assumption that BBI a) meets the legal requirements for the protection of personal data as stated by the country where the travel data processed; b) adheres to the travel policies of the Company; c) takes the necessary measures to ensure that all parties handling the travel data outside the countries in question declare in writing that they will comply with the relevant laws for the protection of personal data, as other countries may not have similar legislation and d) keeps records of the travel date no longer than necessary.


If BBI provides me with a profile form or other request for personal details, I can declare that I do not wish to provide data. In that case, BBI will not know my personal travel preferences and may not be able to offer me certain travel services. I declare that I will always provide correct data to BBI and that I will update this data in writing if necessary.
I am entitled to access, correction and deletion of my data at all times. I also have the right to oblivion, data portability, the right to object and the right not to be subject to automated decision-making.
In addition, I have the right to withdraw the consent given for a particular processing at any time. In addition, I am aware that I have the opportunity to submit a complaint to my contact person within BBI and the authority personal data.


I am aware that I can contact BBI through my usual BBI office and that I can obtain further information about the collection and use of travel data by BBI.

Business Booking International has agreements with hotels which make sure that even during busy days we can help you find a hotel room within your budget.

We arrange everything with you in regard to your corporate event, even abroad. Business Booking International takes care of all the aspects from restaurants and clubs to meeting spaces and accommodation.

Business Booking International arranges all of you travel related products. For example, hotels, transfers, meeting spaces, restaurants, flight tickets, car rental etc.

Business Booking International is always available, even in the weekends.

You can always reach us per mail or via telephone, or you can contact us through our webpage.

The market knowledge of Business Booking International is very broad. Our specialists are therefore perfectly capable of finding a hotel and other travel related products abroad that will suit your needs and wishes.

Business Booking International is there to relieve you from the stress caused by the booking process. Business Booking International will make sure you will get the best rates and locations.

The earnings of Business Booking International are coming from commission payments of the suppliers for booking their product, such as hotels. These commission payments ensure that the services could be offered free of charge.


For an individual hotel booking you will receive the quotation within an hour. For group and meeting bookings you will receive the quotation within 24 hours.

You can pay with bank statement, credit card (in some cases), or by direct debit.

Business Booking International follows the cancelation policy indicated by the hotel, congress accommodation, airline etc. Often these policies are conform the Uniform Hotel Terms.

As soon as the booking is made you will receive a written confirmation via mail.

A ticket can be hold in option from two till seven days, depending on the time of the year.