Working method

You can contact us by mail ( or by telephone (020-8202351). We would love to hear what you want such as destination, airline preference, accommodation type, activities and budget. We will immediately look for you and come up with an appropriate proposal.

For an individual hotel booking you will receive the quote within one hour. For group and meeting bookings you will receive the offer within two working days.


What can I book at Business Booking International
We can book anything, if available. We always look for the best opportunity and think out of the box to find what best suits your needs. We have broad market knowledge on the national and international market. Transport, accommodation, events and incentives. We will arrange it for you!

A hotel room, location or flight can, depending on the period, be kept as an option on average between two and seven days. You can book both by mail and by telephone. After booking you will receive a written confirmation by email from us.


Personal account manager
We think it is important that you have one contact person who knows everything about your company, your travelers and travel preferences. That’s why you get a personal account manager with us. Especially with complex trips, special events or incentives, it is nice to be able to complete the assignment with your account manager. You can also spar with your account manager and use his expertise.


Service fee
Our earnings are in a fee paid by our supplier for booking their product. If we do not receive compensation from the supplier, we will agree on appropriate service costs.


We offer our customers the possibility to have everything invoiced or paid locally. In consultation, it is determined when we send the invoices and have to pay them.


Cancellation policy
Business Booking International always uses the cancellation conditions indicated by the supplier.