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Coaching with horses

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Horses are very sensitive animals who can feel your energy, they use their intuition a lot , nonverbal communication and their senses. That is the prime reason why horses are frequently used as a tool for coaching sessions. In this day and age coaching sessions with horses are very common in the business world. During a session you will become aware of the way you present yourself to people, what kind of reactions you evoke and how you can possibly change these. A great idea to make your team become closer with each other.


A particular ranking order is very important for the cooperation

Horses are group animals. Naturally they live in groups en they have a particular ranking order. This ranking is very important because they must be able to work well together to protect the herd against external threats. The ranking in the herd

changes every now and then. The older animals decrease in strength, causing the young animals to climb a ladder higher in the ranking. The real weakened or sick horses are rejected and left behind to reduce the risks of the herd.

As soon as a new horse enters the herd, every member of the herd enters the confrontation with this horse. They do this to be able to find order for this horse within the herd.



Horse coaching simulates the behavior of a herd

During horse coaching it is the intention that you are fictitiously introduced in the herd. In this case to one horse. That horse reacts naturally as he would react in a herd. The reaction of the horse depends on how you get on the horse and approach it. The horse feels your energy and sees your non-verbal communication and responds to it. The horse is making its decision at the moment and reflects your attitude.

An example: You have difficulties getting on with people and are insecure about it. The horse feels that because of your non-verbal communication. The horse does not join you because if he takes you into the herd, he is more likely to become the target. Horses only want to include balanced horses in their herd. The horse does not come to you. You hide your feeling and try again. The horse responds exactly the same because your feeling is there even if you try not to express this. Only when you are completely relax and open , the horse comes to you and he searches for contact.


What are the results?

During this process you become aware of how you get across to others and what you can change about this. Of course you do not fully understand the horse and that is why this workshop is supported by a coach. The coach tells you what exactly happens and how you come across to others. This can be converting and emotional, but because you look at the situation differently, this can also be very instructive. Often one session can be enough to get new insights. Are you curious about horse coaching? On the website below you can find more information about horse coaching, the rates and you can book a horse coaching session.  Experience with horses is not necessary.


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