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Business cities in Europe

By 4 maart 2014No Comments

Over the years the business industry expanded, and multi-companies are popping up everywhere. But what if you are a starter, what is the best city to start a company in? We made a list with 5 cities that are very business friendly. Enjoy!


Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is amazing for quality of life for employees, they are well treated and respected. There is also a lot of office space available and the reputation among companies is very good. There aren’t many negative influences on the business life. Do keep in mind that Spain was struggling with the economic crisis.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Amsterdam puts out a very accepting face, this is also shown in the business world. There is an easy access to markets due to the business climate being created by the government. Also many languages are spoken and self-promotion is easy here. There aren’t any negative influences on the business life.


Paris, France



Paris is very known in the business world. Here you have a great reputation among companies, the access to markets is easy and there is a lot of qualified staff available. On the other hand you will get small office spaces for a lot of money and the costs of staff are high. And don´t forget the pollution!


London, England

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In London the business climate is created by the government, which is a nice plus. You will have great self-promotion and your reputation among companies is good. There is also a lot of qualified staff available, the only negative point here is that the staff is very expensive.



Frankfurt, Germany



In Frankfurt you have a great availability of qualified staff and office space, easy access to markets and a lot of self-promotion. Also the quality of telecommunications is good. On the other hand, the staff is expensive and the quality of life of the employees isn’t great either.