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Adventurous Alaska

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Located in the far end of the world, you might forget about this beautiful state full of mountains, lakes, glaciers and forests. Not to mention the extensive and exceptional wildlife. Discover the possibilities, wonders and beauty of Alaska, The Last Frontier.

Alaska is the biggest state of the US and has the least amount of inhabitants. About half of the people living in Alaska lives around the city Anchorage. The capitol city of Alaska in Juneau, named after Joe Juneau who found gold there in 1880. This city is only reachable by plane or boat.

Alaska was sold in 1867 from Russia to the US for 7,2 American Dollars. On the 3rd of January 1959 Alaska became the 49st state.

The highest mountain in North-America, the Denali, or Mount McKinley, and is located in the Denali National Park Alaska. The name Denali means ‘High’ or ‘the Tall’ in the Koyukon language of the native Alaskan. You also find over 3 million lakes here in Alaska. There’s a big chance you’ll meet a grizzly bear or a moose in the wild. The rivers are filled with salmon and trout.

The best time to visit Alaska is from the beginning of June till mid-September. Then you’ll have the best change of good weather conditions. And the days are very long In June on the 21st the sun only goes down for four hours .

The start of the annual Iditarod dog sled race takes place in the small town of Wasilla. The race is also known as the Last Great Race. This dog sled race takes 8 days and is about 1700km long.


Because there’s no official lotto in Alaska, everyone can join the contest and guess when the ice of the Tanana River in Nenana will melt in an annual ice pool contest, and win some serieus money!
The Ice Classic began as an ice betting pool in 1906 with only six entries. Now it’s a state wide affair and every year the winner who guessed the exact date ands time the river melts collects a pretty hefty amount of money!


In Alaska you can even visit Santa Claus! If you go the North Pole, the city where he lives you’ll find red and with decorated street lanterns looking like candy canes and you can do your Christmas shopping all year round.
A special clock counts all the way down till Christmas! All the mail addressed to Santa Claus worldwide will be delivered here, and many volenteers!


There are many old mining village’s like McCarthy, where it seems like time stood still for a hundred years. The main road is still a dirt road and the wooden houses look like they belong in an old western movie. You can also visit the Kennecott Mine, an old abandoned Coppermine. The run down houses are painted dark red because this was the cheapest colour back then. You’ll feel like your back in the good ol’ mining days.


A visit to the city of Homer is also worthwhile. Here you can spot whales and orca’s because they appear in big number at the coast. Another highlight in homer is to see the bears, you can do a full day excursion and spot the special grizzly in this area. At night you really should go for a drink in the famous ‘Salty Dawg Saloon’ who is covered completely whit written dollarbills on the inside.


Are you feeling adventurous? Are you ready to discover the fascinating wildlife and see the beautiful nature, to travel back in time to the old mining days and to meet Santa Claus?
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