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5 tips for avoiding a jetlag

By 18 april 2019No Comments

If you’re making a long journey and if you’re flying through multiple time zones, you can get a jetlag. We all have been troubled with it. Headache, tiredness, concentration problems and no appetite are symptoms of a jetlag. This is caused by a disruption of your own biological clock and a little by too much movement during your flight. But how can you ensure that this does not happen to you? We can give you a few tips.




Set the time of your destination

Set the time of your destination on your watch, mobile phone, smart watch and tablet! Is it   nighttime at your destination? Try to sleep a little. Is it during the day? Try to stay awake.  This way you can stick to the time of your destination.


Avoid stress before departure

Many people are stressing when they are packing their luggage. Don’t try to do this! Start with packing on time, make sure that you have all the important documents that you need , put them by each other and check the climate of your destination. So, this way you can leave with a peace of mind.

Also, during the flight try to relax, buy a book, watch a video or listen to music. Are you afraid while flying or do you have problems with sleeping in the airplane? Than go to the doctor or pharmacy in advance and let them advise you about the medicines you can get for these problems. Pay attention to the side effects of the medicine.




Drink a lot of water and avoid caffeine

During a flight you lose a lot of moisture so, make sure that you maintain your moisture balance. Drink a lot of water, this wil keep you hydrated and avoid caffeine because this will cause dehydration. Besides dehydration there is also a good chance of getting a sore throat.




Keep moving

It is not easy to keep moving in an airplane but try to walk a little. For example, go to the toilet and do this several times during your flight. The more you move the better! Your ankles may swell during   long flights, try to put your feet a little bit higher and move them occasionally.



When you arrive at your destination you would like to do a lot of things but don’t do this! Give your body a little time to recover after a long flight but keep moving. Plan short activities that will not cost too much energy. If you do too much you can get too tired and this is not conducive for your jetlag. Take it easy, this way you will avoid a lot of stress and disappointments.


With these tips your jetlag must be convertibility reduced. Try to follow these tips and get more out of your trip.