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3 Great City Trips in Morocco This Summer!

By 27 juni 2019No Comments

Do you want to go for a city trip? See the most amazing things? Have nice weather? Not too expensive? Out of ideas? In this blog we will inspire you with three AMAZING city trips in the beautiful land of Morocco!


The blue city of Chefchaouen has one of the most beautiful medina’s in Morocco! The blue color symbolizes the religion of Jews. The houses in the city are blue painted and gives a relaxed and a calm feeling. The people who did this were Spanish-Jews who came to this city. I give you 3 examples of sights which are worth to see:

The PLAZA UTA EL-HAMMAM square is in the city center of Chefchaouen. On this square you will find different kinds of small restaurants and cafes, where you be able to eat extensively. From this point you can explore the entire network of small streets and alleys.

The Kasbah Ethnographic Museum is located in the old Ouwta Hamame in Chefchaouen. It’s surrounded many different kind of gardens in the Andalusian style. This style comes from the Andalusian region in the south. It is also worth to visit the old monuments, the courtroom and the prison.

In about 30 kilometers from the city you’ll find the waterfalls of Akchour. This nature reserve is recommended to visit due to the beautiful pure waterfalls and partial rivers. There are also some small cafes and a restaurant.

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Marrakech is one of the royal cities of Morocco. It is also known for its colors, atmosphere, people and of course it’s food. Below I give 3 examples of sights that you must see:

Visit the Ali Ben Youssef Mosque, this mosque is the largest and the oldest in Marrakech. When you enter this mosque, you come across impressive sights like the beautiful mosaics and architecture.

The Souks in the medina, a partly indoor marketplace which is on the UNESCO world heritage list where you will find almost everything here; from spices to homemade clothing, pottery and even lamps you would expect in a 1001 night scenery. you could just stroll here for hours. Don’t forget to haggle for your merchandise!

Djemaa el Fna is a famous square in the city center, late in the afternoon the scene will change into an outdoor theater by street artists who want to earn some money. A cool place to visit!



Last but not least; the capital city Rabat. It is not as popular by tourists like the other city’s but it’s totally worth a visit. Rabat is on the UNESCO world heritage list. Rabat is an old and historic city but has also a very modern area.
The mausoleum of Mohammed V & the Hassan Tower is a mausoleum located on the opposite side of the Hassan Tower. Mohammed V. or Side Mohammed Ben Yusef, was the sultan of Morocco. The mausoleum is a great example of the old style Arabic architecture. You can see a geometric pattern on the tiles both on the inside and out.

Medersa of Sale. A medersa is an Islamic school. They are known as inactive, but in the past the more brighter students from a certain area were educated in these schools. The Medersa of Sale is one of the smallest in Morocco. Yet it will surprise you how incredible it looks.

You can definitely go for a nice boat trip whilst in Rabat. besides all the museums you can take a boat trip with a beautiful view of the city. The harbor of Rabat is located near the medina.

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